Super Background Effect

Use the Super Background Effects from Super Elements for Elementor to show your elements background flawlessly and adjust how they look on your page.

Best Features

Add great enhanced visualizations on your website with Super Background Effects.

Glass Morphism Effect

Glassmorphism is a term used to portray UI plan that stresses light or dim articles, put on top of bright foundations.

Glass Morphism Effect

Adjust Brightness & Contrast

Brightness is a visual insight wherein a source seems, by all accounts, to be reflecting lights. Contrast can be simply explained as the difference between maximum and minimum pixel intensity in an image

Adjust Brightness & Contrast​

Grayscale Background

A grayscale image is basically one in which the main tones are shades of black and white.

Grayscale Effect

Change Background Hue

Hue are comprised of the three primary tones (red, blue, and yellow) and the three secondary tones (orange, green, and violet) that show up in the shading wheel or shading circle.

Changed Hue

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