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Super Lottie Animation Widget

Easily embed your chosen Lottie animation using Super Lottie Animation widget. Improve site’s engagement and user experience by adding amazing animations to your website.

Easy to Integrate

Simply choose your animation and integrate by uploading media or defining the link.

Easy to Animate

Choose animation style from numbers of animation style and options

Easy to Optimize

Easily optimize your animation speed and color and many more.


Creating Animation Has Never Been So Easy!

An intuitive widget for animation makers of all ages. Adding animations on website has never been easier for users, especially ones with DIY attitudes.


Available gallery for Millions of Ready Animations

Design with the most advanced and light weight animations. Implement Lottie animations with few clicks on Elementor website.

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Download Super Elements!

Build impressive WordPress websites using Elementor page builder and Super Elements with 70+ creative widgets. No additional coding skills are required.
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