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Super Lottie Background

Allow yourself to add a single Lottie Animation or multi-layers Lottie Animations to any Elementor section as a background. You can even combine it with other backgrounds and section addons.

Super Lottie Background Sample

In the picture below you can view Super Lottie Background module sample

Steps to Add Super Lottie Background

  • Select a section
  • Go to Edit
  • On Layout Panel, open Lottie Background
  • Enable Lottie Animation
  • Add item (You can add unlimited items)
  • Use Options to get desired background effect.


  • Source
  • Trigger
  • Loop
  • Reverse
  • Speed
  • Render As
  • Size
  • Rotate
  • Horizontal Position
  • Vertical Position
  • Opacity
  • Background Color
  • Border Type
  • Border Radius
  • Box Shadow
  • Padding
  • Z-index
  • Show Layer On