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Super Filterable Image Gallery

With Super Filterable Image Gallery you can showcase as much images as you want in an organized way with exceptionally beautiful layout by ensuring its quality. You can display images with separate categories, grid styles and customize the overall design to ensure the extraordinary look in your image gallery.

Super Filterable Image Gallery sample

On the picture below, you can look the Super Filterable Image Gallery Sample module sample.

Super Filterable Image Gallery


Super gallery items

  • Product title– Enter Product title here.
  • Product Sub title– Enter Product sub title here.
  • Details– Enter Product details here
  • Categories Name– Put the Categories Name here with comma separation.
  • Image– Upload item image here .

Gallery Setting

  • Columns– Put the number’s column you want to display like 1, 2, 3 or 4.
  • Hover style– Select the hover style you like.
  • Show Icons– You can choose icon,link or both link and icon to show on the item.
  • PopUp Icon– Choose popup icon from here.
  • Link Icon– Choose link icon you want to show.
  • Show Controls– Enable this switch to show controls.
  • Text for All Item-You can use any text/Name for the all item.
  • Enable Title– Enable title using this switch.
  • Enable sub title– Make it enable to show subtitle.
  • Enable Details– Enable this switch to show details.
  • Image Size– Select the item image size from here.
  • 3D Parallax View– Enable this switch to show 3D parallax.


Galley item

  • Padding– Choose padding for the item.
  • Margin– Add margin from here.
  • Box Shadow– Add item box shadow effect as you like.

Category Settings

Category Container

  • Padding– Choose padding for the category container.
  • Margin– Add margin at category container.
  • Border Type-Select the border type and with from here.
  • Margin– Add margin for Category.
  • Box Shadow– Set box shadow for category.

Category Items

  • Padding– Add padding for the category items.
  • Margin-Set margin from here.
  • Typography– From Here user can select and define the Font family, size, weight, transform, style, decoration, line height, and letter spacing for highlight text.
  • Text Color-Choose the text color.
  • Background Type-Choose Classic or Gradient type background.
  • Border Type-Choose a border type from Solid, Dashed, Double, Dotted, Groove for category items.
  • Border Radius-Set the border radius of the category items to control corner roundness.
  • Box Shadow– Add box shadow from here.


  • Offset top– Put icon offset top here.
  • Box size-Icon box size can be set from here.
  • Size– Set icon size you like.
  • Icon color– Choose icon color from color or gradient.
  • Background Type– Choose Classic or Gradient type background.
  • Color-Choose Icon color from this color palette.
  • Location-Set the icon color first location from here.
  • Second Color-Choose second color for the icon.
  • Location-Set icon color second location.
  • Type-Choose linear or radial type gradient for icon.
  • Position-Select icon position for showing your desired place.
  • Border Type-Choose a border type from Solid, Dashed, Double, Dotted, Groove for the icon.
  • Border Radius- Set the border radius of the icon to control corner roundness.


  • Content Position– Choose content position at over image or bellow image.