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Super Buttons

Now you can add stylishly animated button block anywhere with Super Buttons widget. It allows applying hover effect, text shadow, gradient, links easily.

Super Button Sample


Display Options

  • Select Button Style – Here user can select the Button styles. We have premade 44 button style in the list.
  • Button Text – Here user will input the button text.
  • Button Icon – User will select if an icon is needed with the button.
  • Link – Here user will input the Hyperlink for the Button.
  • Alignment – Here user will select the alignment of the button.



Button Layout Style

  • Margin – Here user will input the margin for the button
  • Width – Here user will define the width of the button
  • Height – Here user will define the height of the button
  • Animated Background Color – Here user will select the animated background color.
  • Border Type – User will select border type here. It can be Solid, double, dotted, dashed and groove
  • Border Radius – User will input border radius here. It can be in px or %.

Button Label Style

  • Typography – Here user will define all typographic setting including fonts, font weight, size etc..
  • Text Background Type – Here user will select text background type
  • Color – Here will select the t color.
  • Image – Here user will select iman age if image label is used.
  • Text Shadow – User will activate the text shadow if needed.