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Super Business Hour

With Super Business Hours you can display your official business hours in a stylish way which will impress your visitors.

super business hour sample


Display options

  • Day Connector-Set yes to show connector .
  • Day Alignment-Choose left, center or right for day align.
  • Time Alignment-Set left, center or right position to place time.

Business Day Items- Add days here which are you want to show.

  • Enter day-Pud day here.
  • Enter Time-Put open and end time.
  • Styling-Set it yes to style the day.
  • Day Color-Choose day color.
  • Time Color-Choose a nice color for time.
  • Background Color-Set Background color for the day.


General style

  • Row Spacing -Set spacing for day’s row.
  • Striped Effect -Make it yes to set striped effect(days row background color).
  • Striped Odd Rows Color -Choose a color for odd rows.
  • Striped Even Rows Color -Choose a color for even rows.


  • Divider -Set yes to show divider.
  • Style -Choose divider style as solid, dotted or dashed.
  • Color -Choose divider color.
  • Thickness – Set divider thickness.

day and time

  • Day Color -Choose day text color.
  • Day Typography-You can select and define the Font family, size, weight, transform, style, decoration, line height, and letter spacing for day text.
  • Text-shadow-Set day text shadow.
  • Time Color-Choose time color.
  • Time Typography-It’s similar as day text typography.
  • Text-shadow-Set text shadow for time.