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Super Banner

Super Banner comes with 14 beautiful animated effects and also with 3D Tilt view option. With Super Banner you will have lots of customization options, so that you can display your information with image background, gradient title if needed and stunning effects which will make your banner outstanding.

Super Banner’s simple demonstration is given below


Display Options

  • Image – Here user can select the background image.
  • Image Size – Here you can select the background image size.
  • Title – Fill the field with banner title
  • Description – Fill the text area with description
  • Link – Put the link on click where it will redirect.


  • Animation Effect – Select your desired animation effect for banner
  • 3D Parallax View – Enable/Disable 3D Parallax View for banner


General Style

Background Type

Normal-User can select background type ‘’Classic” or “Gradient”.

  • Classic-Inside the Classic there has two options “Background-Color” and “Background-Image”. Under the background-image there has
  • Opacity-User can increase and decrease opacity from here.
    •  Additional color-User can add additional color from here.
    • Border-Type-There has 5 Types of border as Solid, Dashed, Double, Dotted, Groove.
    • Margin-You can put content margin here.
    • Padding- As your requirement you can put padding here.
    • Border-Radius-Using Border Radius user can control content conical round shape.
    • Box-Shadow-It’s make opportunity to create box shadow of the content. There has horizontal, Vertical, Blur and Spread and position option. Using position you can set Outline and Inset box shadow.
  • Gradient –user can choose Gradient background color. There has also more options as Gradient type, Angle and Opacity etc.

Hover– Inside the Hover there has similar options as Normal.


  • Margin– You can set margin for banner title here.
  • Padding– Put the padding as much you want for title.
  • Advance-Color-It’s a advance color option which allow you to change title text color and set background image.
  • Typography– Inside the Typography there has many options as font-family, font-size, font-weight, text-transform, text-decoration, Line-height and Letter-spacing to design the Title. You can change these values to create an eye catching design.
  • Title-Alignment– You can set Left, Center and Right align of your title form here.

Banner-DescriptionThere has similar options as written above for Banner-Title.